TPR Mixtape volume 1

by The People's Revolution

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Super Smash Bros. present...

TPR is a creative collective based in Sacramento, CA. The crew currently consists of Old Ghost (TPR's founder), Mahtie Bush, Tribe Of Levi (Poor, NowOrNever, MICjordan), Agustus ThElefant, Bru Lei, MLS (Monotone, Lou Slugga), Century aka BARS, N.O.M.E. Nomadd, Blaze, Styles1001, DJ Filth, Woodstock, and Northstar Zulu B-Boy Matt Cash. At the time this mixtape was created, we were also affiliated with J-Rockit (of Pangaea Project), the Alumni (MIGeezus, Prhyme Suspect, and KelCz), and Cawzlos (LMNH records), as well as Random Abiladeze and 5th Ave (of DLRN) who eventually co-founded the Neighborhood Watch crew.

A truly inspired piece of work, this mixtape was completed in less than 4 months, with almost all of the songs being written and recorded in less than 4 weeks! We definitely had some things to get off our chests. In 2005 we all had a tremendous sense of urgency about our political and social situation. We accurately foresaw impending economic collapse, the expansion of warfare, and the continuing devolution of political discourse. This was our meditation on the times.

The creation and release of this mixtape coincided with a grassroots movement to open local venues to hiphop and give artists and community voices a forum to be heard. Sacramento has one of the most incredible underground hiphop scenes anywhere in the world, but too many talented artists were being denied a chance to share the fruits of their labors, and we set about to change that. We also threw a series of major shows, including Dead Prez, Little Brother, Nas, and many more. It was a very exciting, though stressful, time. We are proud of the fact that our efforts have contributed to the health of Sacramento's hiphop community, and we would like to share what we've helped build here with the rest of the world.

The term "underground classic" is grossly overused but this mixtape really IS an underground classic!

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released March 11, 2006

"March", "American Dream" and "Try Knockin' Us" recorded and mixed by MIGeezus at Garage Sale Studios, Sacramento, CA, 2005

All other tracks recorded and mixed by MICjordan at Metroplex, Sacramento, CA, Oct. 2005 - Feb. 2006

Interludes, skratches, and mixing by Super Smash Bros.

Thanks to the whole 916 for being such a beautiful place for hiphop!


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Tribe Of Levi Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Super Smash Bros. (MICjordan, Old Ghost, Mahtie Bush) - By Any Means Necessary
lyrics: MICjordan, Old Ghost, Mahtie Bush
Track Name: Super Smash Bros., 5th Ave of DLRN & Random Abiladeze - Tell 'Em Vision (produced by MIGeezus)
lyrics: Old Ghost, MICjordan, 5th Ave of DLRN, Random Abiladeze
Track Name: Blee, Super Smash Bros. & Darte' the Spiritician - Sleeping Giant
lyrics: Blee, MICjordan, Old Ghost, Darte' the Spiritician
Track Name: MICjordan:EnsiteNonStop - The Godly Way
lyrics: MICjordan
Track Name: The Alumni (Prhyme Suspect, KelCz, Mahtie Bush, MIGeezus) - March (produced by Prhyme Suspect)
lyrics: Prhyme Suspect, KelCz, Mahtie Bush, MIGeezus
Track Name: Old Ghost, Tribe Of Levi (MICjordan, Poor) - War Zone (produced by MIGeezus)
lyrics: Old Ghost, MICjordan, Poor
Track Name: MICjordan:EnsiteNonStop - Excalibur (produced by Jeremy Pearson)
lyrics: MICjordan
Track Name: Random Abiladeze - Get 'Em
lyrics: Random Abiladeze
Track Name: Super Smash Bros. (Old Ghost, Mahtie Bush) - Fedi Men
lyrics: Old Ghost, Mahtie Bush
Track Name: Soul Remnants - Mr. Covey (produced by Soul Remnants)
lyrics: J-Rockit, Old Ghost
Track Name: Super Smash Bros. (Mahtie Bush, MICjordan) - Cash Ruined
lyrics: Mahtie Bush, MICjordan
Track Name: MIGeezus - American Dream (produced by MIGeezus)
lyrics: MIGeezus
Track Name: MICjordan:EnsiteNonStop - True Fiction
lyrics: MICjordan
Track Name: Old Ghost, Tribe Of Levi (MICjordan, NowOrNever) - Hell On Earth
lyrics: Old Ghost, Tribe Of Levi (MICjordan, NowOrNever)
Track Name: Poor - Big Shot
lyrics: Poor
Track Name: Super Smash Bros. (Old Ghost, MICjordan) - Magic Bullets
lyrics: Old Ghost, MICjordan
Track Name: MICjordan:EnsiteNonStop - Don't Love You (produced by Neighborhood Greenhouse)
lyrics: MICjordan
Track Name: Old Ghost, Tribe Of Levi (MICjordan, NowOrNever) & Cawzlos - Getaway
lyrics: Old Ghost, MICjordan, NowOrNever, Cawzlos
Track Name: Mahtie Bush - Try Knockin' Us (produced by Mahtie Bush)
lyrics: Mahtie Bush
Track Name: Super Smash Bros. (Old Ghost, MICjordan) - Why?
lyrics: Old Ghost, MICjordan
Track Name: Old Ghost, Tribe Of Levi (Poor, NowOrNever) & Random Abiladeze - Jah Ain't Religion
lyrics: Old Ghost, Poor, NowOrNever, Random Abiladeze
Track Name: Super Smash Bros. (Old Ghost, MICjordan) - Sudden Loss
lyrics: Old Ghost, MICjordan
Track Name: Tribe Of Levi featuring DJ Crush Delight - Styles & Statements (produced by DJ Carl Larado) - BONUS TRACK
Styles & Statements

It's more than just styles and statements
deep like the technique of Miles Davis
you can't deny the fakeness on the dial is flagrant
but the love overcomes all the violent hatred
and we're not saying we came to save it
but we came to represent all of the things that make it
vivid, God gives it to us and then we take it
from the page to stages, break the bar and raise it!

Usually when I think my raps are lackin' that "oomph"
I spend two or three weeks gettin' back to my roots
'cause when I'm puttin' down tracks in the booth,
I understand that our culture was not intended to be casually consumed
it's the echo of a nigga's last gasp in a noose
it's a cop's finger on the trigger, blasting at YOU
it's a draft where Uncle Sam pits blacks versus gooks
in a clash with a cruel faction who fractures the truth
should we feed our seeds absinthe, or glasses of juice?
yo, it's obvious to me but mad cats seem confused
by punks and haters, corporate controlled commodities
causing we to forget that we're part of something greater
so we don't love the labor
right now, we need to decide: will we ride for the truth, or the fucking paper?
'cause this dance ain't new,
in the past we moved from minstrels to men, but now it's back to coons

I don't believe that hip hop is just entertainment
'cause I ain't been the same since '86
and to me, this is more than just styles and statements
emceeing on a daily basis by the light of my ancients
my words are concrete like the pavement
that withstands the time that made me touch many places
the birth name is Adrian,
but listen to Poor if you really wanna know the sound of my cadence
my rap verse is like a song from the slave ships,
so niggas feel the whip appeal like Babyface did
this artform is sacred, but some of the dopest they don't make it
just 'cause they won't fake it
the naked truth in this matter is the money market
made for mass media now, and dummy targets
I've heard toddlers talk about designer garments
and we ain't got enough sense to stop this nonsense?

Listen up: we ain't the best, but yo
we still turn these wack cats to vegetables
we're progressive 'cause our minds are flexible
so if you test these flows (what?) you must be testicles (nuts!)



(VERSE 4 - N.O.N.)
The legendary myth of an animal, three-fifths of a man
started with the history class that we missed
first, egotists killed then indigenous
then stole Africans who were forced to assist
restrained by chains at the ankles and the wrists
branded with a new name as Uncle Sam's gift
the Civil War changed the reign, but still the shift
wasn't enough to uplift, so we exist
with no equality, learning how the colonies
sailed overseas and committed armed robbery
we were included but our voices were muted
understanding that the politics are just polluted
means of improvement, the civil rights movement
integrated colleges open to all students
but the racists still place us lower than their shoeprints
a nuisance, so now we use music to make us move, since...


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