Follow My Lead

by Tribe Of Levi

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This album was conceived, written and recorded in spring and summer of 2011, while we were still feeling inspired from our first trip to South By Southwest. Lee Bannon secured the beats for us and is due a lot of the credit for the overall sound and feel of this album. Special thanks to DJ Rated R and especially DJ El Conductor and DJ Mike Colossal for the extra fresh cuts and scratches and really grounding this record in the fundamental element of hiphop, which is DJing. Big ups to our TPR brothers Shaun Burner and Bru Lei for the amazing artwork and amazing lyrics, respectively. (Check for Shaun Burner's production and rhymes on our forthcoming album "Levitation: The 40 Year Lesson.") Pete Space and Ghosts Web at SoundCap Audio also deserve special recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty to really take us to the next level in terms of sound quality. Bump this in your whip or your iPod, through your laptop speakers or studio monitors, it'll bang regardless... and that's due in large part to the efforts of SoundCap's staff.

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released July 10, 2012

All tracks produced by Akili Beats except "The Up And Up" produced by Twiz the Beat Pro and "How It All Went Down," "MVP," "Things To Do" and "Take It Easy" produced by Lee Bannon

Big ups to BRU LEI, DJ EL CONDUCTOR, DJ MIKE COLOSSAL and DJ RATED R for blessing us with their expressions of hiphop!

All songs recorded, by Pete Space at SoundCap Audio, Sacramento, CA except "Language Barrier" recorded by MICjordan at Metroplex, Sacramento, CA and "MVP" recorded by Pete Space at SoundCap Audio and MICjordan at Metroplex.

All songs mixed and mastered by Pete Space and Ghosts Web at SoundCap Audio, Sacramento, CA


all rights reserved



Tribe Of Levi Sacramento, California

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Track Name: The Recoup feat. DJ El Conductor & DJ Rated R
verse 1 (MICjordan):
I wear my poker face leaving all my cards showing
that's my state of mind when I take time to start a poem
NOT how the billboard charts are goin',
listen, pimpin' ain't easy, but it isn't as hard as ho'in!
and which are you when you listen to the radio
and switch to that which them do, like Pharoahe said it's fellatio
that ain't rap, it's cookie cutter crap for kids (play-doh!)
out to get paid dough by labels? you'll be amazed bro
how your profits manage to stay below your overhead
you can go platinum while promotions blow your bread,
so you're broke on the back end but still owe the feds
I need that kind of success like a hole in the head
so when I say I stay down, it's because I know the ledge
and when I spit the flavor's nasty like a bite of moldy bread
what a waste to chase these clowns when I could try to grow instead
if the day comes that I cease to learn, I'll know I'm dead!


verse 2 (Poor)
Yo, whatever happened to them hyphy niggas? (What happened to them niggas?)
Oh, they graduated. (Oh.)
While some buy into a lifestyle exaggerated
Cristal faded on champagne dreams
and all the lies and bullshit that this game brings
it's hard to breathe or rap about rap for me
'cause I don't sell bricks or chip tricks from trends I see
so we get labeled as "conscious" (oh, you're conscious?)
but I'd rather get labeled "real nigga spittin' raps that ain't nonsense"
That category holds no glory, end of game
end of story, end up broke with no fame, so
rap to me was like a way to release,
I hit the open mics and flowed it right and became a beast
we get love in the streets, from OGs to the youngstas
true, some hate, but never say shit amongst us
paid it no mind and kept it movin like they panhandlin'
we stay jammin' like Bob with banging beats from Bannon!

Track Name: The Up And Up feat. DJ Mike Colossal
(Verse 1: Poor)
Future beings seeing the big picture, and it's picture-perfect
travel the time continuum to tamper with our purpose
planted their chromosomes inside the beasts' bones
then gave birth to a new nome, and flew back home
left clones in Egypt and Rome, and taught tech
and spoke rumors of lost ships, scribes, and hieroglyphs
they built their messages in monuments
the bread crumbs for their clans that can acknowledge it.
The wormhole walkers, camouflaged in flesh
the cattle's destination is death,
each step calculated from a mind elevated with time
collecting knowledge of a thousand lives, and never die
Dark side of Johnny Five
on Planet Unknown, whose orbit intercepts with our own--if we can call it ours
black holes are dead stars, and the next is Mars
get far with advanced mechanics from gold bars

Up up up and away we go
Baby we got miles to go
Flying high and hiding low
Let the music take control

(Verse 2: NowOrNever)
Arrival from the sky, a watching eye just like a spy
the unseen craft flies, observing the stash, high
over clouds as it dives to the ocean and hides
in the abyss where they existed previous to the ride
'cause their planet had dried and cause the fires to rise
forced to journey or die, with fate decided by time
faster than the speed of light they journeyed back to the shine
of the sun of which they came from, discarded behind
from generations before, the destination's unsure
but achievable, deceiving to the ones who explored
with limited resource while they're decreasing the force
they navigate the face of the galaxy's free course
top speeds through the dark, seeking historical landmarks
like street signs, left by the elders who planned smart
predicted in their texts, yo they sketched and mapped charts,
but here on Planet Earth is where their newest impact starts


(Verse 3: MICjordan)
You and I are livestock, for real, folks know that
still, we don't ask "who owns this ranch?" Go back
to antiquity, our ancestors said of man's history
we were given civilization pretty much instantly
including math, medicine, how to harvest grain and more
Elohim, Anakim, the names of those who came before
they brought gifts mixed with curses like how to write and say words
what to pray for, to whom, even how to slay with swords
enslaved through pain and horror, what's insane is it's just a game for
creators of pawns they arm to wage wars
man doesn't understand but still he pays for
agendas hidden beneath they initially came for.
If it's true we're doomed, what are we blamed for
when we're groomed through wounds that persistently stay raw?
We presume they're tombs and the pyramids ain't more,
seen anew [Anu], what they're doing is opening space's door

Track Name: Chain Of Events feat. DJ Mike Colossal
(Verse 1: NowOrNever)
(Take it back)
From the days when the first Africans became slaves
and got carted away in the American trade
there's one word they conveyed, they told them "Nigger, obey!"
Hit 'em with whips, and told 'em "this is how you behave"
so we adapted the name, 'cause it was trained and ingrained
as prominent as a stain, we trace it back through the veins
it's an expression of pain, games, losses and gains
violent history that blissfully gets linked in the chain of events
that's like cement, the foundational plane,
rebel nations and gangs that organized for a change
that brought the party to the block instead of murderous aims
what I'm trying to explain's how hip-hop became
inflamed, untamed and vulgar with street slang
religious folks complained, saying "y'all should be ashamed"
so, is it hip-hop or America to blame?
On a mission, see 'em wishing, trying to stake their claims

(Verse 2: MICjordan)
I think I can tell the moment it happened in retrospect:
the LP NWA made after Ice Cube left
was their highest-charting album ever,
but at the same time somehow severed their ties to clever
reflections on social endeavors, politics, whatever
once captured the essence of California in notes and letters.
I can prove it: look at how they moved over time.
on Straight Outta Compton, when Cube wrote the the rhymes
in every line combined the word "Nigga" is used 46 times;
THAT was called profuse and decried! Efil4zaggin blew minds
but wasn't thought provoking; the beats were tight as fuck,
it was shorter & they said "nigga" four times as much!
So, what's the problem? How's this, for a start:
if one record's entertainment, and the other one's art,
how come the less authentic work hit number one on the charts?
How's it go down like that, and exactly what part
do the artists themselves play? None of us are self-made,
just caught up in something larger than us and propelled away.
What's sad is so few of us use that thrust to elevate,
or even illustrate how we got into this hellish state!

(Verse 3: Poor)
We put our trust in these politicians, without a pot to piss in,
crying and bitching, still relying on the system
truths, they twist 'em, their coverups, we forget 'em,
and their mistakes are forgiven
that's why we're getting nowhere faster than you can spell "Katrina"
the Golden Rule gatekeeper, slave mind ringleaders
got control of your soul with Rock N' Roll,
a universal remote and a customized billfold
the Bohemian Grove is no joke
laugh if you wanna, these daggers don't NEED cloaks
we breathe smoke from the evil aviation,
the population's devastation is what we're facing
(but what?) But you don't hear me though
since you can't really say what's real on the radio
if this song was called "Ho, you're my bitch"
and edited a little bit, it would be the shit!
Obama ain't nothin' but a president
P came to represent and hold it down like laminates
fuck the whole cabinet and future candidates
cops killing kids handcuffed is so scandalous
hip-hop nowadays is on some Hanson shit,
like "oh no, not another track about the government!"
Bitch, go to a rave if you're afraid
I'm from Tribe of Levi, TPR, plus The Cave!
Track Name: Young, Gifted and Black feat. DJ El Conductor
(Verse 1: MICjordan)

There's no such thing as failure, only a chance to to learn
Hard Knock School hall pass, foot in the ass to earn
the success and insight, so when we get it, we deserve it
life's perverse twists that surface might have a bigger purpose
so when the Most High gives me a harsh sentence, I serve it
my person is confined in these bars but as the words drift
the limits suggest questions that undermine the boundaries
heat applied to sound and beats proceeds from a foundry
I found in me when I was six and other kids were clowning me
for my hand-me-down fits, 'cause my mama wasn't brown as me
'cause my hand was always up, questioning what's around me
now I'm in the mix, it's benefits to being down with me
but detriments too, I was too hesitant to spring the trap
if you told me as a kid that I'd grow up to sing and rap
I'd have let out an obscene laugh, sneered audibly,
unaware of how I would be steered causally,
but no matter how large or small they seem, I can't honestly
call these things regrets 'cause they're still a part of me
(it's all a part of me)
Track Name: How It All Went Down
(Verse 1: Poor)
It all started with a smile and wave, I met this super babe
bad to the bone, named Jade, cool as shade
she had legs and she knew how to use 'em like nunchucks
lovestruck and lost in the lust, I tell you what,
I walked up as if my life depended on it to see
and introduce myself so I could get acquainted to queen
and she told me she couldn't fly, even though she had wings
so it seemed like the same old "I got a man" scheme
crushing dreams, but this honeybee had a sweet tooth
plus her jumpsuit screamed she fiends the fruit juice
played it cool like footloose, and got the seven digits
she called me the next morning moaning, saying I should visit
yeah, now that's the business, got over in an instant
I walked through the entrance on some candlelight and incense shit
her back bent when I was rubbing on her tentacles
getting physical, curling toes, you know I'm trying to get it!


(Verse 2: Poor)
It all started with an innocent argument, the ignorant conflict
the shit came with furious consequence
common sense should have killed this ill stage of events
she says I'm less of a man, I say she's more of a bitch
then we erupt with wild words and such,
I'm in love and all shook up,
should I cut and put my bags in the truck,
or should I stay and work hard to get us out of this slump?
I want freedom, but this ain't enough!
Drastic decisions will have you living lonely
but staying imprisoned is not the vision for me
so I contemplate my escape before it's too late
I try to skate and feel a fucking fist across my face!
Composure's displaced and pride hurt too,
now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?
My reaction was absent-minded, blinded by rage
real drama, epic saga you can't see on a stage, 'cause, uh...


(Verse 3: NowOrNever)
Ay yo, this fly young beauty's a cutie, and she pursued me
a true treasure chest with nice breasts and booty
and some dark red lips, as she approached me with a doobie
and a sparkle in her bloodshot eyes just like a ruby
told me a joke that had me laughing in pain
and then explained by going out that she had something to gain
plus the house all to herself, and she wanted to entertain
when I sat up on her couch, she started picking my brain
kicked back, relaxed at where this cat lived
'cause she's attractive, sexually active
the type of chick to throw a fit up on the mattress
sort of held captive by her ass with a fatness
we cheered glasses, thinking "I'm 'bout to tap this
and work her like a blacksmith," she granted me access
reached for the rubber 'cause she might be trying to trap guests
catchin' the F just like a pornographic actress
Track Name: MVP
(Verse 1: Poor)
She likes fresh strawberries and whipped cream,
chic pink panties with sheer seams, a freak with clear needs
aims to please, she spanks and squeeze
fingernails get dug in the sheets, you find her G
fine with me in the heat of the moment
taste the sweets, find the key and you own it, she
calls me names, bumps back with a bang
not your everyday average dame or Plain Jane.
Ropes and swings is her habitual forte'
her thing is forced foreplay in alleys and doorways
she stays wet always, it's no need to lubricate,
plays the game super great so haters, they super hate!
It's written all over her face, and she loves it
gets touched in public, hands glide down her stomach
Little Miss Fuck It, sat on a roughneck
climaxed and ain't done yet, she loves sex

(Verse 2: MICjordan)
she's orally fixated;
loves lollipops and cigarettes
licks her lips, gets 'em wet,
plants a kiss on your neck,
her tongue flicks and pecks
probes for erogenous zones, she speaks French and moans
as she swallows me whole, my teeth clench
when we awaken, she seeks sensation, impatient,
when I tease, she screams "please, I need deep penetration"
knuckles white as she pushes back, look at that,
she's chino-latina but from here she's looking black
leave the sheets crooked, wrapped around tangled limbs,
nocturnal missions, discrete engagements, the lights stay dim
she's laying against my legs with a glazed chin saying
"maybe we shoulda stayed friends..."
I'm like, why play pretend? original aims amend,
but we maintained our arrangement, so let the games begin
Track Name: Language Barrier
(Verse 1: MICjordan)
Conversations cause consternation
concentrating on all of my statements and each comment, hating
how everything gets lost in translation like improper conjugations
Merde, je pouvais parler en francais
c'est etranger, mais meme si c'est fou, je vais rester
though all words seem to twist, avant qu'elle entend--
c'est porquoi elle ne me comprend pas, vraiment!
Wishing I could spend a day with Mom, I could use her advice,
no matter how much I pray on the situation, the strife
increases, confuses, it's ruthless, this weight in my life
just trying to say shit right!
phone calls, letters, whatever,
nothing ever seems to penetrate!
Our relationship disintegrates, we're coming apart,
derailed like a bus crash with a BART
both mad, thinking "look at what you've done with my heart!"
It's stunning, what starts
as loving friendship crumbles when expectations come in,
stunting communication. Fuck this minefield,
my mind feels it's best to say nothing, just try and deal
with the distance but over time my resistance yields
'til I slipped and fell out of love... so why do I miss her still?
Track Name: Stay Up
(Verse 1: MICjordan)
What's it mean to make decisions? What does a life consist of?
it seems like fate's revisions to our psyches leave us tripped up,
'til past mistakes become a massive weight;
the path to a basketcase happens faster than a cracked glass breaks.
You might say "that's great, so what," but hold up
pain's the only thing we're guaranteed just for showing up
beyond that, it's whether you're in control enough to meet your goals
if yours is blowing up, come correct: hold your nuts!
But you'll find they disappear when your mind gets too worldly
if your glory days were high school, you climaxed too early
if you risk gettin' sprayed, hittin' licks to get paid, then you isn't a renegade,
you're the system's frickin' slave!
Evolve or degenerate, that's the choice we face basically;
push the pace or race lazily, integrate or hate racially,
relate truth creatively or fake flagrantly
remake Earth into Hades, or let it stay a great place to be

(Bridge 1: MICjordan)
thanks and praise to the Creator that made us
for His grace every day when I wake up
gettin high is just the start when I blaze up
I'm finna stay up
stay up
is our destiny a legacy of greatness?
or will we go out like suckers for the pay stubs?
elevate above the hatred, raise up
my nigga, stay up
stay up

(Verse 2: NowOrNever)
All upon the record I proceed to let the art shine
with simple efforts and speeds, seeking to far find
a hard climb, seeing mind, working over part time
who left us all behind, kneeling at the starting line, y'all?
How it's designed don't make a dollar or dime
know whether people start resorting to a bottle of wine
and swallowing pride, collectively bizarro besides
the sorrow inside, they wait and let tomorrow decide, and hide
behind the rides of all the media jive
while we think we're living large we're stuck medium size
while seeking to find a beacon like graffiti provides
that helps to advance the technique from where we derived
as true skills survive, the will will still guide
and drive 'til we arrive, for fulfillment or demise
what they choose to advertise stays affecting our lives
foolish to the wise, be advised to recognize
how they pimp and hypnotize like a form of exercise
desensitized to lies, disguising wicked alibis
so we strive with open eyes, staying focused for the ride
while the vibe they provide is just a lost sense of pride

(Bridge 2: MICjordan)
The best part of reality's what we make up
until we harden our hearts getting caked up
life's a bitch but I ain't ever tryin to break up
I'm saying, stay up
stay up
Track Name: Bandwidth feat. DJ El Conductor
(Verse 1: MICjordan)
Battling Levi, you won't know whether to spit flows or prayers
I break it down like pro debaters, corroding posers and haters
Mic Jordan's lobo nature is a grisly motivator
exposing fakers, froze 'cause you know I'm cold as glaciers
'cause my flow is major, I'll turn a foe into a glowing crater
oh, you're sharp? I'm Edward Scissorhands holding razors
so I suggest you get correct, 'cause if you ever disrespect,
I'll lay you flatter than your little sister's chest
trying to bite ENS you're better off drinking liquid lead
mixed with arsenic and mercury,
starting shit will certainly result in surgery on body parts that's ripped
words release like a shotty cocked and spit
like the one that shot Dick Cheney's homie's face,
it's a stone-cold disgrace the way they perpetrate like phony jakes
Donny Brasco-ass bastards sold their soul for papes,
then drew heat and rattatatatted to stop the chatter
like acting hard changed the fact that they're soft rappers.
What are these cats after?
What's the purpose of this conditioning?
It's odd like dogs with chicken feet,
women in in awe religiously of cats who'd rather proposition me
and I'm not homophobic, but things have gotten so distorted
that guys with perms and more jewels than girls are normal for us
and a cat who can't rap can blow up performin a chorus
on a crappy cookie cutter beat crammed with corny verses.
I crack corneas, creating crazy compositions
complete complex concepts relating thoughts and visions
play it on a knockin system, or you'll miss the full effect
I'm like a getaway car crash, I drop jewels and wreck, nikka!

(Verse 2: Poor)
Ayo, my town's got 'wrappers' like Brach's, like it or not
it's the P still holding his crotch, and Holden C, off top
I rock the sure shot, at your local short stop
wreck flows and get props, the cream of the crop
and that the way it's gonna be, 'cause I got it like Wal*Mart
the rhyming Allspark, already considered an old fart,
a menace to a Guinness, chess, checkers, spades and rhythms
I mastered hip-hop without having to master gimmicks!
The sore thumb that's on one, sonning sun running from no one,
a Shogun from Sacto to Folsom
my tongue's so cold, it made my throat numb and hoes come
the flow's awesome, spit flame like Dhalsim over war drums
you want some? These dum-dums let Levi collide up on the same track
To hijack the lime from these lame cats, who play rap
stay back or get scorched, we run with the torch
to set flames to a sucker's porch, oh, oh, of course
it's the T (T)-R-I-B, E, O-F to the motherfuckin' L, E-V-I!

(Verse 3: NowOrNever)
So peep the guy sharp enough to pierce a hole in the sky
just like a bullet aimed high, peep the force of the Tribe
as we strive and walk wise while the goal's to survive
with all my people perservering here, controlling their lives
and that's why we stay inventive, we got the proper incentives
refreshing styles replenish and clears up them blemishes
wise from the genesis, instead of pissed I reminisce
of endless venomous nemesis who just tend to dis
snakes hiss, still I persist to exist and make hits,
sacking the quarterback, the team's on a blitz
with rich wits, while y'all square peg cats is misfits
the ritz life of glamour and glitz is not it!
It's a game of pimps and tricks, politics, call it quits
my folks is hella broke with a focus to find a fix
bricks that the builder refused to ever pick
can benefit the people that need it up in the mix!
Track Name: Things To Do feat. Bru Lei
(Verse 1: NowOrNever)
Well, the name is NowOrNever from the Levi crew
up in Northern California, best believe I do
represent the streets of Cali here when we ride through
as the Tribe brings the vibe known to revive you
we get you loose, the music touches like a masseuse when in the booth
producing no abuse of the truth, a deep boost
that's the feeling that my people induce, with no excuse
on top of these provocative loops
from the days of the hungry young dudes we grew
to pursue the true meaning of the world we knew
here to manifest progression with my brethren Bru,
I'm a grown-ass man, I got things to do!
you might catch me at the spot, grubbin' on an apricot
giving thanks for what I got while knocking some hip-hop
we stop, drop, rock and roll all over the map
for those taking a nap, we let 'em know where it's at

(Verse 2: Poor)
I'm from Sacto, the home of the Kings and big dreams
the independent capitol of rap flows and schemes
some say it seems we're up next on the scene
so I'm a hold it down for my town and my team
pump this in the streets, fat beats for your stereo
or catch us in the pubs, getting love everywhere we go
wreck shows and rock rhymes for the mental,
L.B.'s on the instrumental, it's so essential
we got credentials, utensils and tools
to elevate the craft and make a path for the crew
I don't deal with these fools playing cute to be cool
I'm a grown-ass man, I got things to do!
you might catch me at the lab up at Soundcap Audio
or Omina Labs, or at my pad up in my barrio
sorry, yo, I can't kick it on that nothing shit
I'm trying to earn a quick grip, and nothing leads to nothing quick!

(Verse 3: Bru Lei)
I live in Sacto, trying to stay sharp like an X-acto
my clothes barely match yo, minority is black folk
crack jokes about local acts, whether wack or dope
I don't brag, I'm broke, I always got a bag of smoke
the capitol of Cali in the valley, feel the Delta Breeze
inhale the trees, for the encore they're yelling "please"
commit felonies on melodies like selling D,
with the Secret Recipe forever I'll be blessing beats
we got potential, the paper's overdue
I'm trying to get the green, I'm sick and tired of feeling blue
a lot of these dudes compare Bru to Doom,
I'm a grown-ass man, I got things to do!
you might catch me with the Tribe, with my eyes on the prize
trying to get the party live, but the crowd is so jive
I'd rather smack a rapper than jack his swagger,
Sactown, home of the original backpacker!

(Verse 4: MICjordan)
Yo, I'm from Sacto, where capital city capitalists
plan urban management with hearts blacker than a panther's fist
raised or engraved on the back of an Afro pick
so when the DJ hits play like "yeah, that's the shit,"
that's a protest, tip my cap and a fifth, capitol S
lowercase a-c-r-a-m-e-n-t, o, yes
scene so fresh it doesn't even seem to have grown yet
back again for the first time, these new jacks are old vets
known to make bold bets, call you out, collect,
we're swordsmen just posing as poets, it's no sweat
I can lead or go next with perverse, superb words
while you're perved off the purps, perplexed, my verse hurts
process this progressive phonographic phonetic masterpiece
and you'll find that you have to respect its majesty,
and probably want to snatch and possess it, actually,
it's not due to our artists' lack of an effort, tragically,
we toil in obscurity, talk fluently, boss brutally,
fools and fiends with doomed dreams trying to get loot to sing
raw purity, our community's crawling with future kings,
but usually we stupidly ruin things
blast this in your whip, dope rhymes for your iPod,
I'm 30 but I'm blowing up in my time, so why stop?
getting respect while reppin' Sacramento,
you can't tell me that our show or acts lack potential.
we're not provincial, yo we're planning a move,
I can smell the hate and wrath from fakes attacking my crew
I know the rules, don't get caught outta pocket, this ain't pool,
I'm a grown-ass man, I got things to do!
You might catch me at a venue taking in a dope performance,
or smashing out a cipher while blowing smoke on a corner.
I apologize, but your gossip doesn't concern me;
I make art by being honest, loving, and learning.
Track Name: Take It Easy
(Verse 1: Poor)
I'm trying to keep hope alive without telling you jive
duck behind some wicked disguise, distorting the vibe
true, I ride on a different frequency, why the mutiny?
"friendlies" at the murder scene, pointing out their scrutiny
down another King, chopped from the jealousy
dropped on a balcony, so what's this you're selling me?
Ah, conspiracy secrets, you can keep this
it came on a cheap disk, written on some sheep shit
but I insist you peep the Act of State
consists of actual facts of the case you must face
stakes is high when you're dealing with crimes
that's got a million motherfuckers sitting wishing you'd die
and you swear you got it bad 'cause you got two haters?
Live good now and try and worry 'bout it later!
Stay about your paper, keep your mind on your goals
and I'm a try to do the same and vibrate on these molds
I know I touched a few souls in my day that overcame the hate
one spark can light up a place, so don't forget it...
(what you say?) I'm saying one spark can light up a place, so don't forget it

(I know you're gonna miss me when I'm gone)
That's why I ain't trippin' of hating, you know what I'm saying?
Because I know some fools who were really, REALLY hated on.

(Bridge: Poor)
Oh, such-and-such is hatin' on you
Don't worry 'bout it
Nobody's got respect for your crew
Don't worry 'bout it
They telling lies and the rumors at school
Don't worry 'bout it
Pay your dues, do you, and get through
Don't worry 'bout it

(Hook: Poor)
You gotta take it easy
Yo we shakin' 'em off
You gotta take it easy
Ay yo we shakin' 'em off
You gotta take it easy
that's how we shakin' 'em off
You gotta take it easy
that's why we shakin' 'em off

(Verse 2: MICjordan)
I define my life as what I devote my attention to
the things I think, see, taste, smell, touch, and listen to
the focus of my consciousness is what I am driven to
so I don't understand givin' headspace to niggas dissing you
often shit that I do is misconstrued as intentionally rude
or as hating, I'm just navigating essential moves
honestly, it's kinda funny what ego can do;
we ain't crew, why would I even BE thinking of you?
But that's constantly true, so I try not to assume
that other people's thoughts are consumed with plotting MY doom.
Half the time when cats seem hostile,
it's not because you're an obstacle to a goal they want to pursue
or you're the object of desire of some broad they wanna screw,
you probably just caught them in a rotten mood,
'cause their boss just chewed them out,
or they're worried about a case they caught,
or the bills long overdue on the place they bought
face it, ock, in spite of what you want to be true,
their thoughts do NOT constantly revolve around you!
(the point) I'm making is that we're probably exaggerating our statements
about how awfully bad all this obnoxious hating we're facing
(is) affecting us... all this crab and barrel crap keeps us from stepping up
and that just sucks, 'cause love is there for us to find,
but caring so much about all the haters impairs our minds.


(Verse 3: NowOrNever)
Ay yo, we all up in the same program, so what's the point
of breaking at the joint if the connection's to anoint
the purpose of a person is certain and undetermined
so learning how to act and applying it is a burden
people make mistakes, it's a humanistic trait
so give the dude a break and wake him up instead of hate
see, it's the state we create and if we can't associate
or take the criticism when it's brought for you to face
in any case, there's more than a billion different opinions
so get your wins in, 'cause life is your dominion
while others hate because they'll never relate
to the path that you take when it ain't even their place
that's why I keep it based on the lessons that's laced
and never waste time with rumors that consumers debate
separated from the bull, 'cause the goal's to elevate
the controller of your fate, straight destined for something great



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