MICjordan & Poor - Do It For (produced by TheGreenRoom)

from by Tribe Of Levi

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This track is from MICjordan's forthcoming album "Air," produced entirely by Peabody Greene.



(Intro: MICjordan)
Party people in the place to be
1-2-3, we are the Tribe of Le-vi emcees
My man P-O-O-R right beside me
and I am E-N-S-I-T
and to my man N-O-N, P-E-A-C-E

We do it for the stunned expression
Yo, son is flexin!
Just one direction I run--
towards perfection!
the wonders, the blessings
the blunders, the stressing
conversations with the ones who constructed this profession!

(VERSE 1 - MICjordan)
The claps, the props
the gasps and the shocked
expression on listener's faces after we rock
and it has to be hot, so I try to play it cool
speak on dastardly plots and denial of states of truth
slash the trash and the slop
to swipe it away and move you from your ass to the top
of your spinal cord, rhyming for
all the times that I adored titans before
who made fine things out of fighting words,
designed so superb
so when my mind swerves like skidding on a wet road,
I make minds blow 'cause my goal is getting your head to explode
I came to let 'em know, we better change or grow
'cause right now we're trapped by shackles and chains of gold

(VERSE 2 - Poor)
I grab mics just to grab your attention
although at a show, what I'm known mainly for is listening
beats bang loud as fuck
head noddin, breakin your cup
these live vibes got 'em givin' it up
but under the surface, verses and feedback
a purpose emerges, and that's why I squeeze mics 'til they short-circuit
never nervous, workin' and ready and rockin' steady
like Fab 5 Freddy, legendary like Andrettis
we burn rubber on emcees like Charlene
and pour gasoline on their tight jeans
jumping-in-the-scene-ass marks
I don't write dark, I write smart
so play your part and I'll play mine,
we do it from the heart



from Levity Mixtape, released June 21, 2008
beat: Peabody Greene
lyrics: MICjordan, Poor


all rights reserved



Tribe Of Levi Sacramento, California

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